Roundtable – Bangladesh Agriculture, Future Issues and Opportunities

On Monday 6 May 2024 the Embassy of Bangladesh in the Netherlands, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and the University of Saskatchewan are convening a hybrid Roundtable.

Beyond past five decades ‘accomplishments in Bangladesh, what challenges the farmers and farming face? How to effectively roll out knowledge, technology and innovation?

What opportunities beckon for entrepreneurs and startups?

Join key policy-makers, entrepreneurs, academics, researchers as we zoom in practical ways and means for Transformation of Agriculture in the large active-most delta to make farming risk-proof, climate-secure and viable for small-holders?

Unlike usual conversations, in presence of researchers, business, government, entrepreneurs, we wish to deep dive into a few key issues/aspects and seek what can be done, practically and impactfully.

Join us online or in person in Wageningen! The Roundtable will start at 14.00 hours and ends at 17.00 hours (CET). In Wageningen we will continue with a networking event until 18.00 hours.

Please register via: