Journalist delegates of Bangladesh to work as a connecting bridge

Journalist delegates of Bangladesh to work as a connecting bridge

6 February 2017, The Hague. An eight-member journalist delegation from Bangladesh is visiting Netherlands at the invitation of the Government of the Netherlands. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is coordinating the three-day visit titled “Garments Industry and Journalism” in partnership with Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). The delegation consists of the journalists from leading print and electronic media of Bangladesh. The delegation passed a busy time on the first day visiting the apparel industry partners in the Netherlands like Bangladesh Accord, House of Denim, while they had engagement with Netherlands Press Council and Dutch Association of Journalists.

The delegation was received by the Ambassador of Bangladesh to the Netherlands in the evening at his residence where local media personnel and relevant business personalities also joined. Ambassador Sheikh Mohammed Belal thanked the Dutch government for organising such a programme for the journalist who play a very important role in sharing development stories in a country like Bangladesh. Ambassador Belal continued to share glimpses of the bilateral relations and the activities of the Embassy in taking the mutual agenda forward. The delegation members also joined the Ambassador in appreciating the organisers for arranging such a trip which has presented them an opportunity to get to know with the Dutch wonders! The delegation members agreed to the Ambassador that Bangladesh-Netherlands relationship has a lot to deliver and they are happy to support the relationship in reaching the common people of Bangladesh as a connecting bridge.

It may be mentioned that this visit is first of its kind and expected to continue in the future. This kind of visits will present new exposure to the media personnel to carry the development stories closer to the people in more positive way.

The delegation is going to visit meet other important partners in RMG like CSR Netherlands, Modint, VGT, FNV, IAF besides government agencies like CBI, RVO etc.

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