Bangladesh in CFC: In Brief

The Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), headquartered in Amsterdam, is an autonomous intergovernmental financial institution established within the framework of the United Nations. The Agreement Establishing the Common Fund for Commodities became effective in 1989. The CFC forms a partnership of 101 Member States plus 9 institutional members to enhance the socio-economic development of commodity producers and contribute to the development of society as a whole. The Fund concentrates on commodity development projects financed from its resources. 

Bangladesh is an original signatory of the Agreement Establishing the Common Fund and thus a founding Member State of the CFC. Secretary, Ministry of Commerce of Bangladesh serves as the Governor while Bangladesh Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands serves as the Alternate Governor of the CFC for Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh was elected a Vice-Chairperson of the Governing Council of the CFC for the Asian and Pacific Region for 2017. An Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce of Bangladesh has been representing in the Executive Board of the CFC as an elected Executive Director/Alternate Executive Director representing Constituency-1 (Bangladesh, Nepal, Comoros, and Yemen) of the CFC since 2010.

Bangladesh government-nominated candidate Ambassador Sheikh Mohammed Belal has been elected as the Managing Director of the CFC for four years at the election held during the last Governing Council Meeting of the CFC, The Hague, December 2019.  

Bangladesh received funding support from the CFC in the past for the projects in dairy, bamboo, tea, jute, fishery, sugarcane, meat, rubber-wood,  medical plants and herbs, kenaf, etc. sectors. Bangladesh Embassy in The Hague remains engaged with the CFC for commodity development support globally, particularly in the least developed commodity dependent countries and Bangladesh.

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