Permanent Language Monument to be built in The Hague

A permanent Language Monument is going to be a reality in The Hague following sustained persuasion by Bangladesh Embassy. Today the Municipality of The Hague handed over a formal letter allotting a place in the lush green  Zuiderpark of the City. As a result, the long cherished dream of expatriate Bangladeshis of having a permanent Language Monument in the Netherlands is becoming a reality.

শহীদ মিনারের সম্মতি পত্র হাতে রাষ্ট্রদূত ও দূতাবাস কর্মকর্তাবৃন্দ

For the last two years, the Embassy had been regularly following up the proposal of establishing a permanent Language Monument with The Hague Municipality. Observing Immortal Ekushe and International Mother Language Day in The Hague in an international atmosphere strengthened the demand of a permanent Language Monument. Consequently a high powered committee headed by the Hon’ble Mayor of The Hague unanimously approved the proposal of the Embassy. Now the monument has to be constructed in compliance with the environmental standards.

To make the appeal of the International Mother Language Day universal a permanent Language Monument in this City of Peace and Justice could be an inspiration for other cities of the world who promote unity and diversity.

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