International Apparel Federation assures sustainable RMG sector in Bangladesh

The International Apparel Federation (IAF) assured to extend their support for sustainable RMG sector in Bangladesh. This assurance was conveyed by the President of IAF Han Bekke during his meeting with Bangladesh Ambassador to the Netherlands Sheikh Mohammed Belal on 6 October at the Embassy of Bangladesh in The Hague.

The IAF President elaborated their plans for sustainable RMG sector in Bangladesh through cross-over of cooperation among the Dutch government, Bangladesh government, specialized educational institutes in fashion, design and branding of both Bangladesh and the Netherlands and also through collaborative arrangements between suppliers of Bangladesh and the global buyers specially European ones.

Bangladesh Ambassador and the IAF President also underscored the importance of upscaling in the value chain in the RMG sector of Bangladesh for its long-term sustainability in terms of higher value addition, social and environmental compliances.

The IAF is a global federation for national clothing and textile associations from more than 40 countries, representing over 150,000 companies.

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